Ways To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

There are many ways to make a website SEO friendly but you need to understand that this is only part of the SEO process. By making your website SEO friendly you will have a much easier time when it comes to trying to rank for certain keywords.

Ways To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Link Within Your Website – Did you know that you can pass the link juice from one page on your website to another page just by putting a link in it? This is a very good tactic to use so that your entire website ranks high rather than just one page. Just know that if done right, this method will give your inner pages more value thus creating an authority website.

Use H1 And H2 Title Tags – These tags are used mainly for titles and sub-titles. The nice thing about these is that they make the page look better since it gives it a reference point so that you can skim down it as opposed to reading the entire thing. If you want to use these the correct way, then make sure the title is always done with an H1 tag and that any sub-headings are done with an H2 tag.

Change The Permalinks – The permalinks are the words or characters that come after the main website url. For instance, if the website is www.addresshere.com, then the permalink would the www.addresshere.com/permalinks-are-placed-here. Do you see what these are now? The reason you need to change these to include your desired keyword is because this is what the different search engines look for.

By doing these things you will be able to make your website SEO friendly, therefore getting more traffic from the search engines. If you are still unsure about what I am talking about, then I highly recommend you hire an SEO company to walk you through the process and help get you some more search engine traffic.