As of right now, we are at 90% capacity and soon this offer will no longer be available.

You have built a top-notch real estate program. You work really hard to provide top quality information and the best services to your students. You want your students to have very successful real estate careers.

We appreciate your effort to turn your students into successful real estate professionals.

So, we have designed a business to business association will be very beneficial to Your School and Your Students, at no cost to Your School.

We have been in Real Estate for 26 years, and currently offer marketing solutions to real estate brokers and agents. For students who enroll in your courses, we would like to offer marketing strategies at a special prize.

Your students will get their 1st marketing campaign:

– Their own customized website, hosted on your student’s own domain, with professional installation, fully functional and ready to go.

Such setup is worth $399.00 or more. However, we will offer them to Your Students for only $65.

This special marketing offer allows your course to give significantly more value to your future students. Your school will gain a competitive edge over other real estate school.

Marketing: Your Students need to start early.

Because your students are not yet licensed, it is the best time for them to get their marketing started. Most people get their license, then spend the next 3-6 months doing marketing before they get their 1st client. It is too late. Your students need to start their marketing now. The moment they have their license, their clients are already waiting to knock on their doors. It’s a game-changer for your students.

Your students will let their friends on social media know about their exam preparation (this is good publicity for your school too). They will talk about news and information in real estate. Your student will create their network of contacts. Your students will not give any specific real estate advice on their websites before they are licensed, so they comply with all regulations. Again, the whole point is that, the moment they get their license, they have a network of clients who are ready to use their services.

With a marketing strategy in place, your students will have a head start comparing to other students. Your successful students will greatly appreciate your school for teaching them not only how to pass the exam, but also how to become winners in real estate.

We think this is a WIN/WIN situation for all parties. You have more students. Your students have the best value for their investment, and become successful in real estate.

To discuss in greater details about this prospective association, please contact Eddie Zubia at 213-383-2095 or email