The Rise and Fall of Advertising

How marketing media has changed in the last 100 years and how to start using internet marketing to promote your business


The world is always experiencing a constant change and marketing is not the exception. The purpose of marketing is to know current markets and their possible development. Another purpose is to have the capacity to gain customers and learn about preferences for potential customers. Determine the condition the product or service has to have. Learn from satisfied customers and gain their loyalty. Make studies of competitors, research on what are the current demands and proposals for innovation.

Nowadays, small and big enterprises and entrepreneurs are taking a new path to do business: through the internet. The reason is because marketing has evolved over the last 100 years to this digital era. Today everyone is connected and the most used way to communicate is through the internet.

The newspaper was used as the main media to provide news and promote businesses. The newspaper origins go back to the 1400s, but it was not during that time they wrote about businesses or marketing. It was at the end of the industrial revolution (1850-1900) when newspapers were being sold weekly. A  higher production from businesses thus higher demand from customers, made the industrial revolution one of the commencing phases for marketing. Customers started to know what they wanted and how.

After the industrial revolution there was an economic boom in the world. The productive capacity was increased. Companies started finding new ways of spreading out the word of their product and searching for new paths to merchandise their products or services.

After the newspaper, the radio took over. The first public emissions of radio had place in the year 1902 in Spain and in 1907 in a commercial transatlantic radio communications service in Ireland. Many historians believe after the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, countries all over the world started discussing the need to have radio emissions to have a more efficient communications system. This was a breakthrough for the area of communications.

It is until the 1920s when exclusive frequencies are assigned to radio stations in the United States. The newspaper became less required, since radio stations broadcasted news too. The radio had a massive power as a mean of communication. It became a new source for marketing. The human being is a perpetual inventor. After the radio, another big invention came into history: the television.

The first television broadcasts were in England in the year 1927, and in the United States in the year 1930. In 1939 broadcasts were interrupted due to the II World War. In the 1970´s color television came to the market. Families wanted a television in their house where they could watch their favorite shows. Marketing gained a new course, people could see the product and hear about it all at the same time. Cable television was a system for the distribution of television programs. These programs served as an informative mean. There were also musical shows, sports, movies and a wide variety of subjects.

In 1941, the first official TV commercial was broadcasted before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies (Wikipedia). According to Wikipedia, Bulova watches paid between 4.00$ to 9.00$ to display their logo and the phrase “Bulova Watch Time”. TV commercials have come a long way since. Now, a 30 second ad on the superbowl costs $ 4 million and a 60 second ad costs an astonishing price of $ 8 million (Forbes). TV Ads are just too expensive for small businesses. A much better option is to use internet marketing gaining a wider range of viewers (worldwide) and having a much lower cost.

In our present time the marketing trend is the internet. Websites and social media are replacing traditional media. It is more effective and efficient in the promotion of products and/or services. It is interesting to see how the majority of companies are taking competitive advantage by putting up portals in the internet to promote themselves, making themselves known in every part of the internet world.

Internet marketing using an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is leading the marketing world today. SEOs provide the company a better website and also link your product or service on other websites to your own. It can show relevant contents people need.

Allowing interaction between the company and the customer is a big benefit. Having instant feedback is a lot better for a customer. They don’t want to wait for a response for days. They are buying or paying for the product or service and want a quick response or feedback. We all feel this way, because we are customers too. This is all due to the vision of using technology to optimize businesses and their productivity.

One of the most important things about online marketing is that it is global. It reaches people all over the world from one place: the internet. It is not like in the old days when the radio or television first used were in Great Britain or the United States. The internet is now used almost in all corners of the world. A company has to grow with technology which is why most are choosing this type of marketing. It is the new way of doing business and taking part in a modernized world.

Black Stealth Marketing provides quality leads while showing how to make technology work for you. It understands what you do and what the customers want. It finds potential customers while also providing good service to the already existing customers. A small business or an entrepreneur’s mission and vision are key to succesfully providing good internet marketing. Black Stealth Marketing cares and understands it. It will use good use of words for online marketing to gain customers drawn to those words which show exactly what the company does.

If you look around you, whether in the United States or in another part of the world, you will realize people nowadays travel with smart phones, laptops, tablets etc. There is a global connection, people want to stay connected, they want to be online, they want to share on social media. What better way to reach to people than using internet as your marketing strategy?

The average internet user spends 23 hours online (Business News Daily). According to Business News Daily people use those hours emailing, texting, using social media and other forms of communication. Why not take advantage of this by using internet marketing as your way into the customer’s life?


New marketing techniques are a revolution for businesses and entrepreneurs, new philosophies are changing the way of doing things. In the industrial era, marketing was focused only on market fees or profits. Today in this digital era the way to approach a customer through marketing is by wanting them to be happy, to be satisfied. Online marketing provides an interaction between customer and provider which makes things easier. Help your customer gain trust in your business by having someone who will be there to answer any concern.

Innovation has become something whole enterprises work for, not just one department but the enterprise as a whole. We are day by day more dependent to technology, we want to learn more and create new things. In this digital era you don’t want to be left behind.

Online marketing is the new process of reinventing one´s business or job. This will bring a competitive advantage to your company. There is no better way to sell or promote what you do and find new customers than to put it out on the internet. Besides it gives a global reach in a better price than traditional marketing does.

For example, when we want to buy a new software we can just go online to their website or through an online ad and buy it. There is no need to go out, drive somewhere or ask someone to install it (someone who will charge for the software and their work). We have the independency to do it by ourselves and it will be cheaper.

Potential clients or customers prefer using the internet because they use it in their daily lives. Whether from the comfort of their home, at work, on a train, on a park (anywhere with internet access).They can see the variety of products. It could be a house or a car, they can check, compare prices online and find what best suits them. They can go house hunting online. They have the opportunity to interact with the information given and use it, if it is what they look for.


Some of the advantages of doing online marketing are:

  • Higher profits
  • Promotion of innovation
  • Promotion and creation of products and services
  • Learning to live in a globalized world (flat world)
  • Entry to new markets
  • Increased knowledge sharing
  • Best customer service
  • Better communication


These are advantages we can find on “Business at the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Age”, a book written by Bill Gates.

Internet has changed everything. Today we can see the merger between internet and businesses as a great beginning. It started with a few websites, from what I recall, Hotmail, AOL were some of the first email providers. Not long after, came social media with the appearance of websites like Hi5, MySpace where people started connecting and knowing other people through the web.

Companies took advantage and started using social media as a way to promote themselves. They showed advertisements of their companies, a link would get you to their website where one could see the product or service they offered. When smart phones came into the picture, online gaming was a hit. Advertisements would pop up in between a game for a company. People would have to buy the game to stop the pop up advertisement, take a look at it or ignore it. The point was the idea or the name was already in the customer´s head.

With the idea of so many people having access to this giant network of everything we call internet, marketing had to take a huge step. People all over the world are now interconnected. Think of all the possibilities for entrepreneurs trying to share their product or service to the world.

We are now capable of doing virtually anything through internet, from watching a movie to buying an outfit and even selling a house. Having all these potential customers at your reach and being able to successfully present your product in an efficient way becomes more than a tool for a company, it becomes a necessity. It is indispensable for businesses that want to succeed.

To find more information on products people plan to buy, 66% of consumers said they turn to their smartphones (Brafton News). According to Brafton news, creating website content that mobile users can access easily will help businesses get their attention and guide customers to their market.

Technology is still advancing and innovating with the passing of every single year. The professional market is day by day more competitive due to people all over the world wanting to innovate, contribute and be creative. Companies in different parts of the world are embracing this information evolution. They can enter the world of digital businesses and online marketing. They are able to optimize their company´s functions and processes.

Online marketing is an excellent marketing tool, if not the best. It has interaction with customers, it is more personalized and it is also transnational, no boundaries. It provides exactly what the customer wants which is variety and to compare prices. Although there are people who will look at a website or online advertisement and just pass it by, there are also many potential customers it can provide to your business.

All potential clients are different and require different ways to attract them. There are online interviews to see which type of customer we are dealing with. There are queries on the likes and dislikes of each customer. These methods provide the company a more detailed information of each customer while also gaining new customers through online marketing and through satisfied customers. Internet Marketing is not the future, it is already here and it is beginning. Companies and entrepreneurs should take advantage of this now, don’t wait until it is too late.


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