Facebook is a FREE online social networking site. Facebook is a tool to connect: Family, Friends and Business.

Grandparents are using Facebook to see pictures of their grandchildren. Single people use it to meet other single people. The list could go and on.

In the United States 71% of Internet users are on Facebook – that’s approximately 190 million people.  Your real estate business will receive a huge boost if you can tap into this enormous market. How many prospects do you need to have a successful real estate career?


A real estate professional could use Facebook in several ways. On your Facebook Business Page – Real Estate Professional Page you could:


Keep in touch with past clients, for FREE. This is probably the best and easiest thing you could do on Facebook.


Raise Brand Awareness – FREE


Build Name Recognition – FREE


Farm for future sellers and buyers – FREE


Educate your prospects – FREE


Keep your prospects updated on local trends – FREE


Share current real estate news and events – FREE


Remind your audience that you are a real estate professional -Top of mind awareness – FREE


The general rule for social media is 80/20.  This means 20% of your Facebook involvement should be about your real estate business and 80% should be about your audience and what is important to them.


For example:

When somebody posts about their children, it is a perfect opportunity to build a relationship with them. You can comment: “Congratulations, your son/daughter is very cute”


When somebody posts about new coffee shop, you could comment “Thanks for the tip – I will try it when I am in the area.” It is all about building a relationship, and be friends with your prospect.

Every time you comment on your audience – your audience’s friends get to see the comments and are reminded that you are a real estate professional.


Another important tip is to always be positive on Facebook.


How to start leveraging Facebook for your Real Estate Business? Your personal Facebook page will not be suitable for dealing with clients. It is important to keep your personal life separate from your business page. You will need to set up a professional real estate page.  You will need a professional profile image, a cover picture and some posts. Black Stealth Marketing can help you set up your professional real estate page for $20.00 or less. Find out more at http://blackstealthmarketing.com





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