Why do I need a website for my real estate business?



We have entered into the Golden Age of the Internet.

Google is the King and Amazon is the Queen.

Having a website for your real estate business is an absolutely essential.

Real Estate prospects are searching the Internet for real estate information.

The Internet never closes.


Envision your future deals:

Its 10pm and a real estate prospect is thinking of buying or selling his property – a high-rise condo in the artist district.

The prospect does a Google search as follows:

Keywords: Sell Property + artist district + your city + zip code

Yourwebsite.com comes up number 1 on Google.

Your website comes up number 1 on Google because your website is optimized for the keywords the prospect typed into Google.   You are the area specialist.


Make a positive first impression.

Show case yourself and your message.

The prospect can then click on your home page, about me, testimonial page, etc.

The prospect click on “contact me” page and the prospect is now a lead for your.


We are giving you an offer that you cannot refuse:

Free website set up ($399.00 value)

You only need to pay for your domain and your hosting fee 65.00 per year.

The website will be ready for you to add your content to.