How Drone Photos Can Make a Difference for Your Listings


There are the lower 95% and the top 5% real estate agents. What sets these two groups apart? The top dogs are only 10% more competitive than the rest. This slight improvement may sound small, but it makes a huge difference between being part of the norm and being one who dominates the market.
For example: You get a listing call. Most prospective clients will call 3 agents before deciding to go with one for their listings. You are on the phone with your prospect. Here is one way to make the 10% difference and get that listing:


 You tell your client


“Thank you for calling me, Mr./ Ms. Client. When can I have a drone photographer take photos of your house? At no cost to you. I will use this top-notch technology to market your house. No other agents are doing this in your area. But I will do it for you.”


This is your 10% more competitiveness. This is what sets you apart from the remaining 95%. It is a simple proposal that impresses your client. It will almost guarantee to make them say yes to your listing.
What are drones and what can they do?
Drones are making headlines. Also known as quadcopters, they are radio controlled, unmanned aircrafts. They can take air-view photos of your properties. These photos make a difference in how you sell listings.
Why are drone photos different?
You can easily tell the difference between drone photos and conventional photos. The higher angle creates an impressive view of the property. Looking from a bird’s eyes, buyers can see a wide view of the beautiful landscape of your property. There is no better way to help buyers envision the large swimming pool and well-manicured yards of your high end houses. The drone can circle around and shoot photos to show your houses, offices or commercial buildings from different angles. These photos allow buyers to see not only the property, but also the lay out of the neighborhood.
So, get your 10% more competitiveness.

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10 photos at 10.8 Megapixel
10 minute HD Video
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