The Benefit Of An Initial Backlinking Campaign

As a website owner you should have heard about backlinks by now, right? If not, then you need to do a lot of reading as backlinks are one of the most important things to your websites success. A backlinks is just an online version of a vote, so the more good links that you get the more Google will value your site.

So, what are some of the benefits of an initial backlinking campaign?

Benefits Of A Backlinking Campaign

Quick Boost In Search Engine Rankings – The nice thing about backlinks is that it can give you a quick boost in your search engine rankings. If you have a new website, then this is what you need. Something that you need to understand is that the amount of links that you have is not extremely important, it is the quality of the links that will give you that quick boost.

Higher Page Rank – Links around the web to your website is what gives your website a higher Page Rank. Although most people don’t think that Page Rank matters, it really does. The Page Rank lets others and even search engines know just how much value your website is providing and gives it a reason why you should rank higher in the search engines than other sites similar to yours. Trust me, Page Rank does matter but just like everything else, it is not the only thing that dictates your websites search engine rankings.

More Traffic – Did you know that you can get traffic directly from the links that you place around the internet? Most people don’t realize just how much traffic this can translate to and that is why I am putting this out there. If you have 100 links all of which are on decent websites, then the odds of you getting a few visitors each day would be very likely.

Reasons Internet Marketing Is The Best Marketing

When it come to marketing, what is your main purpose for doing it? Is it to attract more customers? Is your goal to get your name out there? How about brand recognition? Whatever the reason is, internet marketing is the best way to go about doing it.

Did you know that internet marketing takes less than half the time to find additional customers? Most people are unaware of this and that is why they spend very little time doing internet marketing. What you need to understand is that internet marketing is not only the best marketing tactic out there, it is also one of the cheapest forms of marketing as well.

Reasons Internet Marketing Is The Best

Affordable – Yes, internet marketing is very affordable. A lot of people assume that just because it works that it will be expensive. What you need to understand is that when you deal with internet marketing your only expense is your time.

Easy To Understand – With all the people who are doing internet marketing these days you can easily find somebody to help you do it. Not only that, it is already easy enough to understand.

Versatile – Whether you are targeting middle aged women or all genders from 15 to 80 years old, internet marketing will work. Internet marketing involves many different aspects such as blogging, social media, email, video and more. This is why more and more people are turning to it. As more people catch onto this the internet will be tougher to use, so you might as well start now while it is relatively new to your competitors.

It Works – Without a doubt, internet marketing works better than any other marketing tactic out there. Just because internet marketing is not talked about in the brick and mortar world that much doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It is just that these people are not using all their marketing sources.

So, are you going to venture into internet marketing now? If you still have questions, then contact a company that knows about this so that you can get all your questions answered promptly.

Radio Advertising – How Productive Is It?

When it comes to advertising you have many different options to choose from. You can resort to the old fashion way of advertising – word of mouth, or you can try something new. In today’s economy there are many advertising platforms that cost a good amount of money such as television ads and radio ads.

Now, although television and radio ads do work, they are not as productive as other methods. Lets talk about why radio advertising is not very productive.

Why Radio Advertising Isn’t Productive?

Too Costly – If you have ever called to advertise over the radio, then you know just how difficult it is to get a price. The reason for this is because the cost depends on when you want your ad mentioned. If you want a prime spot, then the cost is just too high. If you advertise when nobody is listening, then it is pointless and a waste of money.

Narrow Reach – A lot of people are not listening to the radio intently enough to remember what is said. It is because of this that the reach that you get is very slim. This is not what happens when you use other forms of advertising, such as internet marketing.

Too Much Competition – When advertising on the radio you will be put into a competition with other businesses just like yourself. When there is more competition the radio station will increase the price of the ad space in order to make more. Remember the long time saying, “Supply and demand”?

No Proof From Listeners – When you use radio ads you won’t have much proof as to just how many people were listening to your advertisement. It is because of this that I don’t like this form of advertising because you don’t know if it was your ad that didn’t work of the time it was being played.

As you can see, radio advertising is not as productive as it once was and that is why I recommend internet marketing. Internet marketing is a very broad term that encompasses everything online. I recommend internet marketing because in today’s world, it works and it gives you the return on your very minute investment (time).

Is Word Of Mouth Marketing Still The Best?

For the longest time word of mouth marketing has been the best marketing tactic out there. However, is it still the best? Word of mouth marketing is free marketing that you don’t have to be actively involved in and it works great. The best part about it is that your customers will do all the work for you while you are busy taking care of the rest of your business.

So, is there another marketing technique that works just as well as word of mouth marketing?

Yes, it is called internet marketing.

The best part about internet marketing is that in many ways it is similar to word of mouth marketing. The truth is that internet marketing deals a lot with person to person interaction. Things like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs all deal with people. It is because of this that internet marketing is very similar to word of mouth marketing, except you are giving a recommendation/advice through content.

Benefits Of Internet Marketing

Greater Reach – By using the internet to market your business you will reach more people and much faster as well. Being that there are billions of people online you can easily get a few hundred or even a few thousand people to your website in a very short amount of time. Just know that in order to reach more people you will need to do a little more but in the end it will all be worth it.

More Options – You can use Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, blogs, email, video and even Iphone applications in order to target your audience. This is where internet marketing trumps word of mouth marketing by a long shot.

When it comes to word or mouth marketing versus internet marketing, you should do both. Take advantage of the free marketing and accompany that with mass marketing (Internet marketing). All this is going to do is increase your businesses reach, which is always a good thing.

Is Newspaper Advertising Still Productive

Advertising in all its forms can still be productive, however, in most cases newspaper advertising isn’t. I mention this because not all advertising works the way it used to. Think about it, more people are reading newspapers online rather than in print form. Do you know anybody that reads the newspaper in print form these days?

The biggest problem with newspaper advertising is that you pay for a small ad space and then hope people see it. The reason this is a problem is because you don’t have much control over how many people see it and you will never know the actual numbers as there is no reporting back. As you can probably already figure out, not having anything to go back on will result in no improvement on your next ad.

Did you know that internet marketing is a much better way to advertise? The reason internet marketing is what you need to be participating in is because it works better than any other form of advertising. Most people assume internet marketing is all about blogging but the truth is that it involves email marketing, social media, blogging, videos and anything that involves the internet. It is because of this that more and more businesses are using it as their preferred form of advertising.

One piece of advice I have for anybody looking to advertise their business is to avoid newspaper ads altogether. The reason for this is because they cost more than you will get out of them and you don’t know which newspapers will get the best results. Just remember, sticking with internet marketing is the best way to go no matter what kind of business you have.

Lastly, think about all the websites that are on the internet today and how many millions of people visit them each day. Now, figure how you will route those visitors to your website and how you can turn them into a customer.

Is Free Advertising Still Productive?

Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”? Do you think that still applies for advertising?

Honestly, it doesn’t.

Many people use free advertising and it is very productive depending on how well they utilize it. The truth is that free advertising can be done on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, flyers, blogs and even get-togethers. With all these different places that you can advertise for free you should not have to ever pay for advertising again. Just know that free advertising does work but only if you are doing it right.

Something that a lot of people don’t understand is that they can’t promote anything they want on Facebook and still think that everybody seeing it is going to buy the product or use their service. The reason I say this is because they need to have a target market and then promote frequently to them. If you can do this and you spend the time pinpointing your target market, then you will do much better.

Lets say you have a service business that repairs broken electronics. Now, if you promote your business by paying $250 for a 15 second ad on TV, then you might miss a huge market as some people might have broken TV’s. This might seem like a good investment but what if you created an ad for Craigslist where you advertised that you fix broken electronics. If you post this advertisement in the electronics section, then you will probably get a good amount of visitors as many of them will be searching craigslist for a replacement to what they have that is broken. This is an even better investment as it didn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.

Now you answer the question – Is free advertising still productive?

Internet Marketing Tips You Must Be Aware Of

When it comes to marketing the one thing that you need to understand is internet marketing is where you will get the most bang for your buck. For the longest time newspaper ads and email marketing would work but today things are much different. The trick to getting internet marketing to work is to stick with it for a while and adjust your methods in order to attract more visitors to your website.

Below are a few internet marketing tips that you must be aware of. Make sure you know this by memory and never forget them because these have been working for a very long time.

Internet Marketing Tips

Try Different Things – Even though email marketing used to work the internet evolved and now things like Twitter, Facebook, article directories, guest posts, and even Pinterest are what is working. It is because of this that I recommend that you try different things as they become more and more popular. You really don’t have anything to lose and that is why I suggest you do this.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel – Have you ever heard this expression before? All this means is that if something is working then don’t try to change it so much that it doesn’t work. In most cases you can find somebody that has paved the way for you and do what they are doing and you will get similar results.

Stick With It – As with anything, you need to stick with it. By doing internet marketing for a few weeks and then stopping you won’t get anywhere. I recommend you spend at least a full month doing it and then see where you are at. You won’t be where you want but you should see some results and that is what you want.

Internet marketing is not that difficult, but you need to keep up with what is going on. A lot of people assume that just because what they have been doing is working that they will stick with it and it will keep working, however, that is not always the case. As the search engines make adjustments and your traffic moves you will need to make adjustments along with them. Keep that in mind.

In Order To Be Successful You Must Have A Blog

Do you know how many people out there have their own blogs? In a recent study figures showed that one in every six people have a blog. This is a very good number and it shows just how popular they have become. What you need to understand is that you don’t need a blog to be average, you need a blog to be successful. If you have a business, then you need a blog. If you want to get a better job, then you need a blog. Maybe you just want to advertise your business. You still need a blog.

The nice thing about a blog is that it is cheap advertising and you don’t have to do much with it. Think about this – You create a blog for your business that brings in 15 customers a month. These customers might not spend a lot but the truth is that you didn’t spend a lot to get them. This is just part of the blogging cycle that you need to be aware of.

What can a blog do for you?

Get You More Exposure – If you are looking to get in front of more people, then consider a blog because this will get you a lot more exposure for a fraction of what old fashion advertising costs. I know this sounds odd but blogs really do work.

Show Your Expertise – Do you have a service business where you want to show your potential customers what you can do? If so, then a blog is perfect for you. The nice thing is that you decide what goes on it and how your customers view it.

Offer A Way Of Contact – Did you know that email and social media messaging is quickly passing phone calls as a way of contact? I bring this up because a blog will give your customers another way to contact you and in any business, contact is key.

As you can see, blogs are better than any other form of advertising. Just know that you don’t have to create a blog on your own, there are several companies out there that will do this for you and at an affordable price.

Improve Your SEO With Guest Posts

Having a website is a great way to get more business, however, if nobody even knows that your website exists then it is doing nothing for you. With that said, I want to show you how you can improve your SEO with guest posts. A lot of bloggers around the internet today use guest posts almost exclusively to increase their SEO and it works great. This is what you need to be doing as well.

The great thing about guest posts is that you get to choose what topic you want to write on, you are able to pick the keyword that you want to link back to your website with, and you are able to write as many guest posts as you want. All of this combined makes guest posts that much better than links from article directories or sidebar links.

How To Improve Your SEO With Guest Posts

Choose 10 Quality Blogs – The reason you choose 10 quality blogs is because some of these will not accept your guest posts. If you have 10 blogs that you are submitting your work to, then the chances of your post being accepted by at least one of these is more likely. Remember, the more blogs that you can get links from, the better off your website will be.

Email Bloggers Your Writing – After you have chosen the blogs that you want to write for it is then a good idea to email the bloggers your posts. When you do this you should interact with that blogger first before you just ask them to publish your writing. By doing this you will increase your chances of getting it published and you will establish a relationship with fellow bloggers.

Promote Your Guest Posts – Once you have your guest posts online your work is not done. It is still a good idea to promote your guest post to your own readers, your email subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers and anybody else that might benefit from your post.

By doing all of these things in this exact order you should be able to get a lot of your writing accepted. This will in turn give your website another link and help increase its search engine ranking.

How To Generate Leads Through SEO

Do you have a service business of some kind? If so, then you can greatly benefit from leads, right? It is because of this that I am going to show you how you can generate leads through SEO on your website. A lot of people think that lead generation is all about buying an email list but that is not the truth.

Now, in order to generate leads you need to get a steady flow of traffic into your site and that is where SEO comes in handy. The problem that most people have with lead generation is that they traffic source dries up after just a little while, but with SEO that won’t happen. Below are a few simple steps that you need to take in order to generate leads through SEO.

1.       Create A Squeeze Page – A squeeze page is used to capture the readers email address and name. The nice thing about getting this is that you can send an email to this person over and over again as opposed to losing them forever. Just know that a squeeze page is the main part of the lead generation process and without it you won’t have the leads you need.

2.       Build Links To Squeeze Page – The reason you build links to a squeeze page is to get it to rank higher on the search engines. The best part about SEO here is that squeeze pages won’t change their content that much so whatever links you point to them will usually stick pretty well.

3.       Create Websites Around Squeeze Page – When it comes to SEO you should always create websites around your main lead generation pages. For instance, if you have a good squeeze page, then it makes sense to create a few websites around that one page in order to get additional traffic there.

As you can see, everything revolves around the squeeze page. The reason for this is because the squeeze page is there to get people to enter their email address so that you can hopefully continue to market to them later on when you have something to tell them or sell to them.