The Benefit Of An Initial Backlinking Campaign

As a website owner you should have heard about backlinks by now, right? If not, then you need to do a lot of reading as backlinks are one of the most important things to your websites success. A backlinks is just an online version of a vote, so the more good links that you get the more Google will value your site.

So, what are some of the benefits of an initial backlinking campaign?

Benefits Of A Backlinking Campaign

Quick Boost In Search Engine Rankings – The nice thing about backlinks is that it can give you a quick boost in your search engine rankings. If you have a new website, then this is what you need. Something that you need to understand is that the amount of links that you have is not extremely important, it is the quality of the links that will give you that quick boost.

Higher Page Rank – Links around the web to your website is what gives your website a higher Page Rank. Although most people don’t think that Page Rank matters, it really does. The Page Rank lets others and even search engines know just how much value your website is providing and gives it a reason why you should rank higher in the search engines than other sites similar to yours. Trust me, Page Rank does matter but just like everything else, it is not the only thing that dictates your websites search engine rankings.

More Traffic – Did you know that you can get traffic directly from the links that you place around the internet? Most people don’t realize just how much traffic this can translate to and that is why I am putting this out there. If you have 100 links all of which are on decent websites, then the odds of you getting a few visitors each day would be very likely.