Eddie Zubia – My 25 years in Los Angeles Real Estate

I began my career at the young age of twelve years old. My first job was during my summer vacations; I worked for a Bankruptcy Attorney as a file clerk in Los Angeles, CA, which is where I first learned about marketing.  The attorney I clerked for was a marketing genius.  His specialty was direct response.  Every day, he and I would go through an updated foreclosure list and send out his mailings looking for new clients, and like clock-work, the calls would start coming in.

I completely enjoyed this opportunity and I would return every summer to work at his office as a file clerk.  By the time I was eighteen, I had learned so much that I was promoted to run the entire office, and also put in charge of marketing.

After a couple years, I decided to find work at a Foreclosure Listing Company, where I learned that the foreclosure list was used for many different things. For example –

Attorneys use it to get clients
Real estate agents use it to get listings
Lenders use it to get real estate loans
And the list goes on to hundreds of uses.

Working at the Foreclosure Listing Company, I was able to add to my working knowledge while learning yet another special skill set in foreclosures. I learned about notices of trustee sales, default notices, and the laws and procedures governing them.

Taking what I had learned at the attorney’s office and combining it with my experience at the foreclosure listing company qualified me to work with the listing company’s clients.  I soon became a specialist at creating and implementing marketing plans which helped increase our client base.

At the age of twenty-one I started working for a mortgage company.  Combining all my past experience in bankruptcy laws and procedures within this new segment of the industry, proved quite beneficial in securing new mortgage customers.  Because of my experience and dedicated work ethic I was able to help more clients than anybody else in the company. More importantly, I was able to help more homeowners save their homes.

In 1993, at the age of twenty-three I returned to the legal field and starting working with another bankruptcy attorney.  My main responsibility was to implement marketing plans that would maximize the number of clients our company could help permanently resolve their financial troubles. However, this time around I worked more closely with clients, who gave me the opportunity to get more personally involved with both the cases and in turn, the families facing hardship.  I met a lot of great people that were going through challenging times.  I found that many of my clients were forced to sell their homes.  Often, these properties were in good areas and in perfectly good condition.

Unfortunately, more often than not, my clients would hire agents that were inexperienced or under qualified to handle these types of complex sales that involved Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, and other issues that affected the property.  I would do as much as I could to assist their agents and I would make every effort to insure that these properties made it to escrow.  This was another area of concern as most escrow & title companies were not familiar with bankruptcy procedures and this often led to additional challenges.  Again, this is where I would come in.  My law office would prepare the necessary bankruptcy papers to close escrow while I made sure all parties were interacting effectively.  I did everything necessary for a successful close, but it was very challenging to work with people who were unfamiliar with the court systems and the procedures involved.  Once escrow closed, I would always follow up to make sure that all my clients received the proceeds they were entitled to.

But as successful as my company was in helping our clients sell their homes, there were many others that were forced into foreclosure. Sometimes, the clients were so desperate, they would assign their properties to shark investors for just a few thousand dollars, so they could at least cover moving expenses.  There were cases of people losing fifty thousand to a hundred thousand dollars or more, and sometimes they even lost their equity, due to their lack of proper representation.

In 2001, I decided to get my real estate license to try and prevent as many of these tragedies as I possibly could.  I assembled a team of title & escrow specialists that were familiar with court procedures, and were positioned perfectly to help even the most challenging and troubled properties.  My mission, was to help each and every client sell their property for current market value without being taken advantage of by self-serving shark investors, real estate agents or brokers that are only in it for the money rather than serving their clients best interests.  And since 2001, I’ve been doing just that, helping people put their financial problems permanently behind them.

In 2007 I started a property preservation company and built it into the largest preservation company in California.

The following year, I took everything I learned about marketing and applied it to social media, designing my first website. Since then, I’ve been creating distinctive websites and successfully driving traffic to all of them.

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